Tuesday, 22 December 2015

23rd Sept: Haytor, Dartmoor

My absolute favourite Wednesday trip was our trip to Haytor in Dartmoor followed by a short stop in Widecombe on the Moor. both those places were absolutely stunning and I am so glad I got the opportunity to visit them when I did! Haytor is just magical, the vast landscape and the complete exposure you have to nature, it is truly inspiring. Also the stone structures, which have been there for thousands and thousands of years and have constructed their own myths and legends among the people living on Dartmoor. 
And of course Widecombe on the Moor, the perfect little village, it could have jumped out of any Rosamunde Pilcher book. The quaint, little village cut of from the rest of the world, we finished our trip with a devonshire cream tea in a pub/cafe opposite the church.

love, L

Monday, 21 December 2015

19th Sept: Paignton Beach

This weekend we ended up nursing a few headaches with a relaxed trip to Paignton Beach, we went for a Chinese first and then ventured past the steam train station then down to the waterfront, and had a lovely time, mucking around in the sand and the sea, it was even warm enough to go barefoot and not be cold! We also enjoyed a ninety-nine and then made our way back to Totnes after a good four hours soaking up sunlight, playing badminton and taking lots and lots of silly pictures.

love, L

Sunday, 20 December 2015

13th Sept: Great Britains most haunted Castle

On Sunday, two other students and I decided to go on a walk from Paignton back to Totnes, which turned out to be quite a distance. But none the less lots and lots of fun, discovering the countryside together and getting to know each other better, whilst seeing things all new to the three of us. 
Passing by we discovered Berry Pomeroy Castle, apparently Great Britain's most haunted Castle, we didn't see any ghosts to be honest, but it was also a beautiful, sunny day so maybe next time at night when it's cold and foggy?

love, L

Saturday, 19 December 2015

12th Sept: First visit to Plymouth

On the Saturday of my first week in school we visited Plymouth, the city I was going to move to in five weeks. I had already been there years and years ago, when I was still a little kid, but I had absolutely no recollection of it anymore. So we went off exploring Plymouth all over again, and it was glorious! Seeing the Barbican, the old, cobble-stoned part of town, the shopping centre, with all the cool English shops we don't get at home and then a little further the Saltram House estate, which we also visited in that day, because English Heritage had an open day, and such an opportunity on simply can't miss...

love, L

Friday, 18 December 2015

9th Sept: Paignton Pier

On my very first Wednesday we went to Paignton Pier and then to the cinema to watch "inside out" a very  good film!
But to be honest I was more blown away by the views of the sea, the pier and the beach. Even though, the locals don't exactly call it a proper beach, I still think it has its charm, probably mainly because it was the first one I saw during my stay here in England. And even then I was sure that I was going to come back a few more times. 
We even saw a couple of surfers on one side of the pier, which I had not expected to encounter, because who associates the south west with surfers? But they do exist in quite vast numbers!

love, L

Thursday, 17 December 2015

5th Sept: The Arrival

We arrived in Totnes by Train and went to Dartington Hall by taxi, the estate is huge and absolutely stunning. I was immediately overwhelmed, the buildings could have been something out of a Harry Potter film. We brought our many bags to out room and then went out to the restaurant, called the white hart, which had delicious food, we finished our dinner off with a plate of cheese from the region and biscuits. To give our digestive systems a kick start we went for a stroll around the gardens at dusk. And they were simply magnificent! 
A fitting start to my time here in England.

love, L